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"Why Can't I Connect?" is a network diagnostic tool that makes it easier to resolve TCP/IP connection errors. Use it to diagnose connections to common server types (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server, FTP, SFTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, IRC, LDAP, Usenet) and create generic TCP/IP clients and / or servers. Maybe a firewall is blocking the requested port, the port isn't listening, DNS isn't returning the expected address, DHCP hasn't supplied a local IP address, etc. "Why Can't I Connect?" will show the error code, error description, time, date, and where the error occurred. Diagnose and repair your home and business network with this user friendly tool. "Why Can't I Connect?" is currently supported in Windows and Linux. Windows install executables, rpms, and debians are available as well as source code. There is language support for Chinese (simplified character set), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. Visit the Quick Tour for screenshots and an overview of "Why Can't I Connect?". Visit Help / Instructions for a more detailed explanation of the functionality. Visit the Knowledge Base to find useful information, make requests, report bugs, ask questions, and view solutions.
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Custom Builds / Custom User Interfaces are now available to match exactly to your company needs. A small, easy to use application for your employees and customers.  With the simple press of a button, your custom application will search for any problems and create a detailed report for your help desk matching to your company's services and specifications. Save help desk time and relieve customer frustration.

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"Why Can't I Connect?" Features:
  • Network diagnostics
  • Email connection debugging
  • Database connection debugging
  • Debug all TCP/IP connection issues on any address and port
  • Create TCP/IP servers on any port
"Why Can't I Connect?" is licensed under the General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), free to download and distribute.