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"Why Can't I Connect?" smartphone apps are a subset of the client socket capabilities from the main application. The smartphone interfaces perform the operations of the main application but run in the look and feel of the device.


The app will start with a basic instruction dialog. You may disable this dialog by unchecking the "Show this greeting on startup." check box (you may re-enable the dialog in "Settings".)


Select the type of connection you would like to test by pressing the button on a toolbar or selecting the connection type from the "CONNECT" menu.


Enter the hostname or IP address of the server you wish to connect. The port will be pre-filled with the default for the connection type but you may change it.


A user defined connection stays persistent until you decide to close it.


The connection will stay open until you choose to shutdown or close, the peer connection closes, or the operating system drops the connection.


A user defined connection may send text or the contents of a file.


Select the file you wish to send the contents of.


The trace is in both hexadecimal and ascii.


The "TOOLS" menu contains "Resolve Name / IP Address", "Check WiFi login", "Ports In Use", and "Run Script".


"Resolve Name / IP Address" resolves a host name to an IP address or an IP address to a host name.


"Check WiFi Login" launches the default WiFi login in your preferred browser. The error pattern for a possible WiFi incomplete login is detected on any connection and will query if you would like to check the login.


Are you unsure of which ports are being used on your device? The "Ports In Use" function will show all the connected ports, listening ports, or ports that can not bind for any reason.


Prerecorded scripts may be run to test multiple connections. The scripts may be recorded using the "Why Can't I Connect?" PC application. There are prerecorded scripts available from the this web site located here. These scripts contain test connections for many common email servers (, Gmail, GMX,, Lycos,, Outlook,, Yandex, Yahoo, and Zoho.)


Copy, Settings, and the Knowledge Base.


Select "Copy" or press the Copy button in a toolbar to copy the trace to the clipboard.


Set the connect, send, and receive timeouts.
The total retained server names is the number of resolved server names to remember. The server names will pop up during entry into a Name / IP address field.
Select the toolbars that will fit comfortably in your device.
Select the dialogs you wish to appear.


The "Why Can't I Connect?" Android companion app is now available at Google play and the Amazon Appstore.
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Initiate WiFi Login
Use this simple app to fix a common WiFi connection problem

You've stopped for a cup of coffee or you've checked into a hotel. You've connected to their WiFi but you can't get any web sites to display. The hotel gave you a password but you never see a place to enter it. This is usually because... Honestly, do you want to know the details? Do you even care what the problem is or do you just want it fixed?
This simple application will usually fix the problem. Start it up and press the button.
It only takes a moment so before you talk to the barista or call the hotel front desk, try pressing the button.
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